Re-homing Criteria

We have very few specific restrictions. However:

You must be in a position to adopt when you apply.

If you are going on holiday please do not apply for one of our dogs. We cannot hold these dogs it is simply not fair on them. So if you are not in the position to adopt please delay applying until you are

You would ideally live around the BN5 area

You should ideally live near Brighton, to enable us to do home checks and follow up visits. Although we do have some home checkers a bit further afield in area's such as Bognor, Eastbourne and Horsham.

If you are really keen to home one of our dogs and you live outside this zone, then you will be expected to provide written proof that you have been homechecked by another Animal Rescue in your area or your Local RSPCA. You will also have to provide details of the Vet you are currently registered with. We will contact both of these prior to contacting you to verify your references. After that, it will be your responsibility to come and see the dog you are interested in within a  short time period. As well as the normal adoption form, you will be required to sign an additional form that is legally binding that will GUARANTEE that in the event of the homing failing, that YOU will bring the dog back to us at a time given by us. This will mean you may have to wait up to two weeks before bringing any dog back to us. You will also have to bear any costs involved in this yourself.

If you cannot agree to these conditions, then please do not apply. If you live outside our area and do not provide the information we have asked for on your original application (you should write the name of the organisation that has checked you and the date written on the certificate), it will be ignored.

There must be adults at home at least part of the day.

We will not home a dog where all adults are away from the house all day. Generally speaking the dog must have an adult in the house every 4 hours and more frequently is preferred. For puppies there will need to be responsible people present for much of the day so that house training, socialisation and entertainment can be provided for the puppy. 

Children will need to be 5+

Unfortunately, because the majority of our dogs are unwanted strays, we have no history on them around young children so it would be irresponsible of us to place a dog in a home when we don't know how they would react around young children. We will not home where there are children under 5 years old, resident or visiting. For children 5 to 12 years we advise puppies.

Suitability with cats

We do not know what our dogs are like with cats as we do not have cats at the rescue.We can sometimes give an idea of dog's that may suit being around cats, even though we have been unable to test them. A lot of dogs can learn to live with cats with careful introductions and training. A lot depends on the adopters experience and commitment to the process.

General suitability

We try hard to ensure a good match between adopters and dogs. Sometimes, we may advise your original choice may not be the best one. In this case we will advise on other dogs that may suit your situation better

Some of the dogs we have helped