Med Crossbreed
Approx. Age
2-3 years
Female, spayed

Betty is beautiful girl with her gruffly face and fantastic, pointy ears. She is 2 years old and so well-behaved, she is clean and quiet in her kennel and loves her walks out with the volunteers. Since being with us she has settled in really well and is great with the other dogs; her steady, polite temperament means she is easy to get along with and she really understands doggy communication. Affectionate and playful (but not boisterous) she loves a cuddle in the warm sunshine, especially after a burst of zoomies in the paddock. Although she has led a bit of a sheltered life in a very rural area, every new thing she has come across she has taken in her stride. We've not had any issues with her at all.

We don't know what breed mix Betty is but she is about the size of a slender, small collie and has a scruffy coat. She looks quite similar to her Mum (Meg) who we have added a picture of. We'd prefer to find her a rural or semi rural home as town life might be a bit too hectic for her and she would be happy either living with another dog or in her own loving family. Just two years old, she has her whole life ahead of her and will make a loving and loyal companion for her special new people

Vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.

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Sorry, we are not taking any more applications for Betty at the moment.