Med Crossbreed
Approx. Age
2-3 years
Male, neutered

Buddy is approximately two and a half years old. He (along with his brothers) was abandoned when he was just a few weeks old. He is about the size of a working Cocker Spaniel  

Luckily, since that bad early start, he has been safe, well and loved. He just has led quite a sheltered life.

He has come on leaps and bounds since he has been with us. He enjoys his walkies and is fab on the lead. He happily goes with anybody, not fearful of people. He is even starting to enjoy playing with toys. Buddy has been out on some car rides to different walks and he travelled really well. He has even been to stay in a volunteers home for a while to see how he got on. He actually did amazingly well. Did all his toileting in the garden, and after his walk was happy to settle down in one of the beds for a nap! He wasn't even bothered by the television. Buddy was respectful of the resident dogs. In fact he didn't really pay them much interest. Buddy is a bit scared of bouncy dogs running up to him (as are many of our submissive dogs) so wouldn't cope with busy parks. Everybody loves Buddy, he is such an easy, sweet and inoffensive little guy.

As Buddy has lived in a rural area we couldn't place him in a busy town environment. A rural or semi rural area would be best for him.

Although he loves everybody he has not been exposed to young children so any in the home would need to be 13+

Buddy is a special boy who has endeared himself to everybody he has met. He's such a friendly and undemanding little chap when he gets to know you.

Vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.

Please read the re-homing criteria on our website before applying for any dog.

Sorry, we are not taking any more applications for Buddy at the moment.