Med Crossbreed
Approx. Age
6-12 months
Female, spayed

Malika and Lamu are 7 month old sisters. Their mum was pregnant when rescued so the pups are fortunate in that they have never known hardship or neglect. They were adopted together when they were old enough but sadly, due to their adopters serious health problems, they need to find new homes. They are used to living in a home, walking on lead, and all the usual things a pet dog encounters in day to day life. In their current home they are house trained but will use pads in an emergency overnight. They love going in the car, although they are not so keen on walking near roads with cars whizzing past.

We don't know what breed mix they are but they are medium sized. We have included a pic of mum in the photos.

Lamu has a more sensitive nature than her sister and is still getting used to the changes she has gone through. She's not at the stage where she plays in the paddock yet but she is getting more comfortable every day. She is actually more confident on her walks than in the paddock and is happy to go for a walk with new people. She also didn't mind the passing cars on the lane.

Neither dog has mixed much with people outside of their family. However, once they know people they are very loving and affectionate. They are used to living in a multidog family but have no experience of cats or children.

Both are lead trained. However, they are used to off lead walks in woodland which don't require a lead. They like to go off sniffing but don't run away.

Neither Malika or Lamu would enjoy living in a busy area as they are just not used to it. However, as they are young, bright girls they will learn quickly to deal with new situations as long as they have positive interactions and the adopters go at their pace.


Vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped and vet checked.

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Sorry, we are not taking any more applications for Lamu at the moment.