From Bulgaria with love. The story of Buddy and Duchess (and Meadow and Elsa!)


Buddy and Duchess have travelled from a bit further afield than the dogs we usually rehome. They have travelled all the way from Northern Bulgaria.

Many dogs in Eastern European countries have suffered greatly at the hand of man.

Fortunately Buddy and Duchess have not. Since they were tiny puppies they have lived, and grown up with, an English rescuer called Helen and her team of volunteers.

These dogs have only known kindness and love since very young. They've had food, water, attention and shelter every, single day. They have wonderful personalities due to being so well looked after. Perfectly homeable, little dogs. The only thing they were very unlikely to get while in Bulgaria was a home. This is why they are here with us.

They are the reason we had a fundraising drive recently, to help pay for their transport costs.

Well we did it. And here they are.

They have adapted so well and settled in wonderfully. 

We are hoping to take more dogs from Helen House of Hope after we have done some more fundraising. Buddy left his 2 brothers behind in Bulgaria and Duchess left her 3 sisters.

Also, many unrelated dogs looking for a chance of a home. Some have been waiting 2 years.

So please keep your eye out for fundraisers in the future, and join in if you can.

Some of the dogs we have helped