Re-homing Process

  • First you have to read the rehoming criteria before deciding which dog/s you wish to apply for
  • Please read the dog's write up's fully before applying to ensure that he/she sounds suitable
  • A home visit will take place to ensure that you and the dog are right for each other.
  • If you pass the home check you will be invited to meet the dog/s
  • If everyone is happy after the meetings with the dog then adoption can be completed. There is a non refundable donation fee of £250. You will sign the forms agreeing to look after the dog and never part with it, unless to come back to us because of death or change in family circumstances.
  • If your dog develops behaviour habits you don't like, then you need to find out why and take steps to modify the problem. Please do not just give up on the dog, who knows what he/she has been through. Contact local, verified dog trainers. Many vets will have a recommended list. Many problems can be resolved quickly if caught and acted upon.
  • We will explain all the medical treatment, vaccination, worming treatment etc the dog has received. We also explain how to register the microchip into your name. 
  • We ask that all adopters update us within the first two weeks to let us know how things are going. We like to see pictures too!

Some of the dogs we have helped