Meeting the Dogs

Once a potential adopter has passed their home check we will invite them down to meet their chosen dogs. We require that all members of the household meet the dog, and also any dogs resident in the home.

We do not have a centre, as such, where people can just turn up to meet the dogs. We rent kennel space and visits are by invitation only once all checks are completed.

It is best to allow plenty of time for your visit so that you have a good chance to get to know the dog/s. Generally people make more than one visit, although some people do adopt on their first meeting. We will let people adopt after the first meeting as long as everyone is happy (including the dog). Some timid dogs may require a few visits to learn to be comfortable enough around you to go home with you. Some people who are experienced with nervous dogs do adopt sooner though.

If we really don't think the match is good one, and the adoption could potentially fail requiring the dog to be returned,  we will not allow the adoption to take place. It is upsetting and stressful for the dog so we try hard to get it right first time. Please don't be offended if we feel the dog isn't right for you. We will very likely have another dog (either at the time, or in the future) that would be much more suitable.

Information on each dog is available on this website, and this information is updated frequently. 


Some of the dogs we have helped